Happy Client from Buenos Aires

Over the last 18 years I was always dealing with pressure sores. I have had multiple flap surgeries and my ischion tips had to be rounded.

In my case, cushions with air suspension system did not provide enough protection and my work and free time was always interrupted by long periods in bed.

I’ve been using an Airpulse PK cushion for 2 years and 7 months with excellent results. Now I´m sitting on a new PK2 and It is remarkable that after long hours sitting, there is no sign of excessive pressure. Also stability is much better now.

I’m happy to convey to others something that turned out to be a real solution to my problem of pressure sores and recommend the great work the Aquila Team does.

Aquila, I want to thank you for your dedicated work and congratulate the R&D department, your effort and achievements make a big difference in my (our) daily life.

-C. Rabe