Aquila wheelchair cushions have helped veterans get back their mobility.

Providing Freedom and Relief for Our Veterans with Pressure Relieving Wheelchair Cushions

Many of our veterans in wheelchairs suffer from painful pressure sores, due to prolonged sitting time without pressure relief. Static wheelchair cushions don’t alternate and stimulate circulation to compressed tissue and this can lead to pressure sores and even sepsis.

The Airpulse PK2 is an alternating air wheelchair cushion that keeps the blood circulating in the posterior, to not only prevent new sores from forming, but helping to heal existing sores as well. Our veterans can enjoy longer sitting time, giving them the freedom to move wherever life takes them.

Aquila is veteran owned and working to improve the lives of our fellow veterans. Plus, Aquila has been on a GSA-FSS VA Contract since 2003.

Our contract number is #V797P-3200M.

Veterans Prefer the Airpulse PK2 Seat Cushion

“I was “bed bound” for several weeks until I found the Aquila Corp and their APK2 cushion. Once I found the cushion had an alternating pressure system, I was back in my chair and the sore continued healing except now I had freedom!”

G. Groover, Army E-5

Veteran who uses the Aquila Airpulse PK2 wheelchair cushion system.

Comfort & Freedom to Those that Deserve it Most

Freedom to Travel

  • Completely self-contained system
  • Easily transferred to a passenger vehicle, airplane, or even an ATV
  • 40 hours of battery on a single charge 

Innovative Solutions

  • Waterproof foam exterior
  • Anti-microbial and machine-washable cover
  • Micro-processor technology
  • Programmable inflation / deflation levels
  • Digital display with a low-pressure and low-battery warning system

Individual Customization

  • No weight, size, or shape limitations
  • Tailored for amputations or special circumstances
  • Off-loads full-time under existing pressure sores