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Providing Freedom & Relief for Our Veterans

Aquila is veteran owned and working to improve the lives of our fellow veterans.

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Fight Pressure Injuries with Movement

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To fight pressure injuries you need movement. Our patented cushions provide that movement.

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Wheelchair Trail Jogging

Aquila Custom Wheelchair Cushions Are The Only Alternating Cushions On The Market Proven To Treat Pressure Sores

In the category of alternating wheelchair cushions, Aquila is the only alternating cushion with clinical proof of healing pressure sores. Every other brand of alternating cushion poses a risk to the user because they are unproven and can actually cause further damage to existing pressure sores. 

Aquila’s clinical proof includes clinical studies, case studies written by medical professionals, articles in medical journals, computerized pressure mapping and testimonials from our clients.  We are the only cushion company invited to present at the National Institute of Health and we have two engineering excellence awards.

Aquila cushions come highly recommended by therapists and physicians for their disabled patients that have pressure sores because they work.

If you want the very best in the business, choose the medically proven Aquila Wheelchair Cushion.

Call 866-782-9658 and speak to Justine to find out how we can help you. 

Why Choose The Advanced Softech Pressure Sore Treatment Cushion?

Simply said, we know how to build technically superior cushions that heal pressure sores.

We custom design each cushion for the specific offloading needs of the client and program precise pressure ranges for client’s weight.

The SofTech stimulates circulation while eliminating upward pressure to sore, while sitting.

We use a custom-made pump designed for the rigors of this application, not a coffee maker pump like the other alternating cushions.

If you want cheap there are many other choices but if you want results, the SofTech is for you.

We come highly recommended by clinicians and doctors.

Fill out the online order form by clicking the link at the bottom of any page or print and fax  to 608-782-0488 or email it to

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 608-782-0031

The Only Wheelchair Cushion With Clinical Data on Healing

 Aquila wheelchair cushions are the only alternating wheelchair cushions on the market with clinical evidence to demonstrate healing results.  We have documented case studies, clinical reports and articles in peer reviewed medical journals.  A case study written by a physician, Dr. Barry Farr,

“Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practices” – Dr. Barry M. Farr MD, MSc

documented the condition of Dr. Farr’s boils after alternately using an Ease wheelchair cushion and an Aquila wheelchair cushion.  The study showed the Aquila wheelchair cushion far superior to the Ease cushion.  The Aquila cushion improved Dr. Farr’s boils while the Ease cushion made them worse.  Even though our wheelchair cushions are specifically built to help heal pressure sores, it is interesting to see another physical benefit which resulted from using our wheelchair cushions.

If you suffer from pressure sores, choose the only alternating wheelchair cushion that has been clinically proven to improve pressure sores, Aquila wheelchair cushions. Fill out the order form today and let us build a cushion just for you.


Discontinuation Notice:

Effective 1/1/2023, the Airpulse PK2 Seating System and associated accessories will be discontinued and unavailable for purchase.

Aquila Corporation will continue to service existing Airpulse PK2 Seating Systems and control boxes through the existing RMA process.  Current clients with existing APK2 systems can purchase replacement cushions only.

Effective 1/1/2023, the SofTech Seating System will be the only Aquila Seating System available for purchase.  As more and more people gravitate to the SofTech Seating System, Aquila has made the decision to end production of the APK2.  The SofTech Seating System functions in the same manner as the APK2 system and can be made in any shape and for any client weight.  Without air hoses and an external control box, the SofTech’s completely self-contained design is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.  When purchasing a SofTech, you will have a choice of a Sensor Auto-Start SofTech or a Manual-Start SofTech with a rocker on/off switch.

Please contact Aquila Corporation with any questions.

All Aquila wheelchair cushions are battery operated and can be used on manual wheelchairs, powerchairs or regular sitting chairs.

Alternating Wheelchair Cushion Technology Makes Sense

Consider the medical protocol after a flap surgery.  Medical professionals recommend and sometimes require an alternating mattress be used by the patient to prevent relapse once the patient is sent home.  An alternating mattress interrupts the constant pressure to the body and stimulates circulation which is what is needed to avoid pressure sores.  Doesn’t it make sense to continue medically prescribed therapy and use a custom built alternating wheelchair cushion once back in your wheelchair?

If you use a motionless static wheelchair cushion at home, every passing minute has your body weight pressing down on your pelvic bones compressing the tissue beneath.  That is the primary cause of pressure sores.  This is true for any static cushion be it foam, air or gel.   The circulation is cut off and cells begin to die resulting in pressure sores.  That’s why with static wheelchair cushions medical professionals recommend pressure lifts or heavy leaning side to side every 20 minutes in an effort to relieve pressure and avoid pressure sores.   That strenuous work is not necessary with our wheelchair cushions.

Aquila alternating wheelchair cushions  are much smarter and infinitely easier in ensuring pressure relief 60 times per hour.  Our wheelchair cushions work all day long on your behalf replacing wheelchair push-ups and leaning, and are the best cushions for both preventing and treating pressure sores.

Pressure mapping video of the Aquila SofTech wheelchair cushion in action versus a static Roho wheelchair cushion

What Others Are Saying About Aquila Wheelchair Cushions

“When other wheelchair cushions have failed, I can always depend on Aquila Corporation to provide the absolute best custom-made wheelchair cushions available anywhere.  Their innovative design offers the highest level of skin protection and pressured distribution that my clients need to remain active, and to avoid being bedridden due to their ongoing struggles with pressure ulcers.  I’ve seen time and time again how these wheelchair cushions have given wheelchair users the freedom to remain seated for greater periods of time because they now have the circulation and offloading where they need it the most.  In short, the cushions that Aquila Corporation offer can change lives for the better.”


Ken L. ATP, CRTS, Personal Mobility Inc. Date: 3/20/2018

We Build Custom Wheelchair Cushion Solutions

Aquila premier wheelchair cushions stand far above any wheelchair cushions on the market including other alternating wheelchair cushion brands.  We custom build our wheelchair cushions for each client to achieve the very best outcomes.  Our cushions are not mass produced like other wheelchair cushions you find online.  Our build process includes custom fabricating air bladders to the optimal dimensions and creating offload areas as needed for existing pressure sores or sensitive areas. 

Even if you have a chronic sore that will not seem to improve or heal, give us a call.  We are experts at building wheelchair cushions for pressure relief that work to heal sores and we have never turned anyone away because a sore was too severe.  Aquila alternating pressure wheelchair cushions are the only wheelchair cushions on the market capable of healing pressure sores.  Let us help you if you struggle with pressure sores.  (Aquila is registered with the FDA as required by federal regulations.)

Father enjoying time with his son and using an Aquila custom wheelchair cushion

Wheelchair Cushions for Pressure Sore Relief

Join The Family and Be More Than a Number

At Aquila we all share in a common goal and that is to build the most effective wheelchair cushions on the market while providing top level customer service.  When you invest in an Aquila wheelchair cushion you are not just a number.  You become part of the Aquila family.  As part of our commitment to providing the best customer service, we maintain records of equipment purchased and all communications with the clients.  

When ready to order, and for fastest results, you can purchase your wheelchair cushion directly from Aquila with no prescription required.  If insurance must be involved, you will need to go through an authorized durable medical equipment dealer because Aquila does not do any insurance billing.  A letter of medical necessity and prescription are needed if dealing with insurance.  If you want to get in touch with an authorized durable medical equipment dealer call our customer service today!



“Our company remains dedicated to providing the most effective therapeutic wheelchair cushions in the industry.  We are and will always be the experts in crafting custom cushion solutions whose sole function is the prevention and healing of pressure sores.   

Clients come to us with pressure sores after sitting on static wheelchair cushions and we create solutions designed to heal those pressure sores, and we do it very well.  If you have pressure sores you have come to the right place.  We can help.  We have helped thousands of people”. 

Steve Kohlman


Aquila Corporation