Enjoy Your Life On Your Terms

Get the freedom to go where you want when you want with a wheelchair cushion from Aquila.

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Providing Freedom & Relief for Our Veterans

Aquila is veteran owned and working to improve the lives of our fellow veterans.

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Movement Is The Key

To fight pressure injuries you need movement. Our patented cushions provide that movement.

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Patented Cushion Design

Aquila is a provider of automatic alternating cushions that change pressure distribution up to 60 times per hour.  Each cushion we build is made with the individual client’s needs guiding us.  Our cushions are more than just a buffer between the chair and the person. Aquila cushions are carefully engineered to create the ideal environment to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. 

Clinical Validation

We have clinical studies, case studies, articles written in medical journals and editorials in medical journals showcasing amazing healing results achieved with our cushions.  No cushion manufacturer has more clinical evidence than Aquila. Our award winning cushions are the result of great engineering and common sense and the clinical documentation serves as further validation of our products.

Free Yourself from Painful Pressure Injuries

Aquila Corporation’s hand built custom wheelchair cushion systems are specifically engineered to treat and prevent pressure injuries (pressure sores). Unlike static cushions, our state of the art, portable and battery operated wheelchair cushions deliver pressure relieving therapy by changing pressure distribution automatically as often as 60 times per hour for the entire time the system is activated. 

We have helped thousands of people heal their pressure injuries while being up and active.  Our cushions are a better alternative to being confined to bed waiting for a pressure sore to heal.  If you or a loved one have pressure injuries, please give us a call and speak to one of our dedicated representatives. This clinically proven technology can help you live the life you deserve; free of pressure injuries.

All Aquila cushions can be used on manual wheelchairs, powerchairs or regular sitting chairs.

What Makes Aquila Cushions Different?

The design of the Aquila cushions are born out of excellent engineering and common sense.  Our cushions fight the primary cause of pressure injury, constant pressure.  By automatically alternating in a similar manner as alternating mattresses, the constant pressure to skin and tissue is interrupted.  The goal is, and has always been, to make our cushions the most effective cushion on the market for those at risk of pressure injuries and to help treat existing pressure injuries.

Aquila wheelchair cushions are custom made.

Custom Wheelchair Cushions for Pressure Injury Relief

Airpulse PK2 (APK2)

The Aquila Airpulse PK2 Cushion help treat and prevent pressure sores.
Cushion shown without included cover
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Fully-automatic
  • Soft waterproof foam exterior
  • Automatic internal air bladders
  • High tech rechargeable battery
  • Custom built with offloading under existing pressure injuries
  • Retail price $3900


The Aquila SofTech Cushion helps treat and prevent pressure sores.
Cushion shown without included cover
  • Everything the APK2 does
  • Completely self-contained system with all of the electronics, battery and pump built into the cushion
  • No seperate controller
  • Custom built with offloading under existing pressure injuries
  • Retail price $4300

SofTech Basic

The Aquila SofTech Basic Cushion helps treat and prevent pressure sores.
Cushion shown without included cover
  • Everything the SofTech does
  • Completely self contained
  • Standardized offload – ischials and sacral area
  • Simple one button operation with preset firmness  – cycles every 60 seconds
  • Hand built
  • Retail price $2800

What Causes Pressure Injuries?

The simple fact is that constant compression of skin and tissue is what causes pressure injuries. Static cushions exert constant pressure to the skin and tissue which is why users of static cushion must do manual pressure lifts every 20 minutes to avoid pressure injury.

Movement which brings pressure relief to compressed tissue is the key to fighting pressure injury.  ALL Aquila cushions generate movement and pressure relief which is essential for avoiding and treating pressure injuries. Our cushions providing pressure relief is much easier than having to do your own manual pressure lifts. And its completely automatic.

Father enjoying time with his son and using an Aquila custom wheelchair system.

Join The Family & Be More Than A Number

At Aquila we all share in a common goal and that is to build the most effective cushions on the market and to provide top level customer service.  When you obtain an Aquila cushion you are not just a number.  You become part of the Aquila family.  As part of our commitment to providing the best customer service, we maintain records of equipment purchased and all communications with the clients.  

When ready to order and for fastest results you can purchase directly from Aquila with no prescription required.  If insurance must be involved you will have to go through an authorized durable medical equipment dealer since Aquila does not do any insurance billing.  A letter of medical necessity and prescription are needed if dealing with insurance.



“Our company remains dedicated to providing the most effective therapeutic seating devices for wheelchair users. We are constantly improving our cushion systems and developing new options to meet our client’s needs. The same care that went into the original cushion I built for my dad goes into every cushion system Aquila makes.”

Steve Kohlman, President