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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The wheel chair battery will be fully charged in several hours but the majority of the battery charge is completed in about 30 minutes. Then the charger goes into a trickle charge.

  • The front of the wheelchair cushion has the small raised pommel.  Hoses or electrical cords are situated at the rear of the wheelchair cushion.

  • We do not have demos of our custom fabricated wheelchair cushions because they are all made specifically for each client.  However in the interest of educating specialists at rehab facilities and seating clinics on the benefits of our wheelchair cushions when available we can provide a demo to be used for pressure mapping to demonstrate the alternating therapy and general operating principles.

  • You can purchase one of our custom wheelchair cushions through an authorized dealer or directly from Aquila if there is not a dealer in your area.  A dealer must be used if you are running through insurance because we do not handle insurance paperwork.

  • No, Aquila does not process insurance paperwork.  You would have to go through a medical equipment dealer and have them order the cushion and do the claims paperwork.

  • All our custom cushions are coded E2609 so they are coded for Medicare payment. The SofTech Basic wheelchair cushion is standardized and not custom made for a specific person so it is not included in this code.

    The custom fabricated code, E2609 has no set allowable so Medicare looks at each claim, gives them individual consideration and makes a determination for an allowable and then reimburses 80% of that allowable.

  • We can make any size APK2 cushion but the smallest SofTech or SofTech basic cushion we can make is 16 x 16.

  • The benefit is that skin and tissue gets relief from the constant pressure exerted by body weight especially under the pelvic bones.  Ulcers form from the circulation being cut off as the result of the constant pressure.   That’s why doctors prescribe alternating mattresses after flap surgery and if the person has a static cushion they must do some form of pressure relief every 20 minutes.

  • A ROHO is a static non- moving cushion. You must move yourself or lift yourself up to get any pressure reduction or pressure relief when you sit on a ROHO.  Aquila wheelchair cushions automatically give pressure relief so you don’t need to do your own manual pressure relief.

    Also if the ROHO leaks, which can happen any time, you will completely bottom out with no protection at all.  Our wheelchair cushions have bottom out protection and the bladders are protected inside the cushion so it is not possible for them to be punctured.

  • The order forms can be found here, are on a link at the bottom of the page, and there are links located on the product pages.

  • The APK2 come with wheelchair cushion, cushion cover, controller, controller cover, tube sleeve and charger.

    The SofTech and SofTech Basic come with wheelchair cushion and attached remote control, cushion cover and charger.

  • Yes, an additional warranty can be purchased any time within the first year and it extends the current warranty 12 additional months.

  • Dealers generally do not have our wheelchair cushions on display because they are customized.  We will provide a demo when available for rehab facilities and seating clinics only.  Also they can be seen at trade shows we attend.

  • Yes, we do the International Seating Symposium and sometimes the consumer shows such as The Abilities Expo.

  • Yes, but all international sales are final.

  • Aquila has been in business since 1999.

  • The pump and batteries will eventually need to be replaced.  The amount of time before replacing depends on a number of variables but generally a pump will last 3-4 years.  The battery will last longer before beginning to lose capacity.  Clients can always send their cushion in for a routine check.

  • Our wheelchair cushions are custom built. We can make any size or shape. We can offload any spot needed where there is currently a pressure sore. Other alternating cushions are mass produced with no consideration for individual needs.  We offer accessories not available anywhere else. Our controllers are custom configured for each client. Our wheelchair cushions have passed 18 month simulated use tests at national testing labs. Our wheelchair cushions have had clinical studies performed and have been published in medical journals. Our cushions have been registered with the FDA since 1999.

  • We currently use Fedex for domestic shipping.

  • Typically a wheelchair cushion can be made and shipped in 2-3 weeks after the completed order form is received.

  • Yes, set up is easy. Just charge the battery, set the wheelchair cushion correctly on the chair connect hoses if applicable, sit on the cushion and turn it on.  If unable to set up the cushion yourself, make sure the person doing the setup understands the process.  Call Aquila if there are questions or with special considerations such as hearing impaired.

  • We do need accurate measurements and sore locations and this can be done by a caregiver, dealer or therapist.

  • We have a short video and shows an easy method.

  • We do not have actual company reps at this time.

  • Yes the batteries are safe. There a safety circuit on each battery and the batteries passed safety tests in testing labs. The batteries are well within the limits for airline travel and are contained inside the device so there are no restrictions.

  • Yes, we have clinical studies and case studies written by medical professionals.  In fact, we have more clinical evidence and validation than any wheelchair cushion on the market.  Our studies have been published in medical journals as well and our cushions have been mentioned in several books.

  • The fan is imbedded inside the wheelchair cushion and every time the pump comes on to inflate part of the cushion the fan turns on. The fan sends air to the top surface of the cushion primarily to the groin area.

  • The incontinent cover is waterproof so it cannot be used with the moisture control unit because no air will pass through it. The regular cover will allow air to pass through. Both covers are anti microbial and machine washable.

  • The cushion will inflate to the required PSI with or without weight on the pad.  If the cushion is inflated with no weight on the pad and then weight is added to the pad, the air bladders could stretch.  This could in severe cases damage a bladder.

  • If the battery becomes low the low battery alarm will sound.

  • The pump is very quiet.

  • No. The air bladders are internal and protected from external factors.

  • We are no longer on contract with the VA.  However, they have continued to purchase both the Airpulse PK2 and SofTech seating systems for veterans.  Please call us for more information or reach out to your local VAMC representative.

  • The battery should be charged every night.  There is a slight power draw from the Bluetooth transmitter even when the cushion is turned off so eventually the battery will completely discharge if not charged daily.

  • The wheelchair cushion can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mid detergent. Do not submerge in water.

  • The SofTech has system components inside the wheelchair cushion. This includes battery, pump, electronics etc. The APK2 has all of these components inside the separate controller which must be mounted on the chair.

All of our cushions and accessories aid in independent mobility, as well as enhance the client’s quality of life.