Live your life without the discomfort of pressure sores with Aquila custom wheelchair cushion systems.

Order Your Aquila Custom Wheelchair Cushion System Today

Take the next step towards dealing with and healing your pressure sores by ordering your Aquila custom wheelchair cushion today. Every SofTech wheelchair cushion has an automatic alternating pressure system and are built in Holmen WI.  All maintenance, servicing, or modifications will be performed by our expert cushion technicians in our Holmen facility. We know you need your wheelchair cushion back as quickly as possible so when you system needs regular maintenance we strive for same day turnaround on repairs.

Each order received will be followed up with a call from a dedicated representative from Aquila. 

Two Convenient Ways to Order

You do not need a prescription to order a wheelchair cushion directly from Aquila. We like options, that’s why we’ve given you a two ways to order your custom cushion.

Online Order Form

Order your wheelchair cushion today by filling out and submitting the convenient online order form for the cushion you want:

Downloadable Order Form

Download the PDF order form* below to your computer desktop for the wheelchair cushion you want to order and fill it out on your computer or by hand, then either send it to us via mail or fax, or e-mail it to

*Our form is posted as a PDF so it can be easily downloaded, viewed and printed using most operating systems. You may need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view these forms which you can download now for free by clicking here.

*Aquila Corporation’s hours of operation are 9 AM – 4 PM (Central Time) Monday through Thursday.  If you need to reach Aquila Corporation after hours, please call and leave a voicemail or email us ( If you need assistance in completing the order forms, it is imperative that you contact us directly and leave a message when we are not available.  

Discontinuation Notice:

Effective 1/1/2023, the Airpulse PK2 Seating System and associated accessories will be discontinued and unavailable for purchase.

Aquila Corporation will continue to service existing Airpulse PK2 Seating Systems and control boxes through the existing RMA process.  Current clients with existing APK2 systems can purchase replacement cushions only.

Effective 1/1/2023, the SofTech Seating System will be the only Aquila Seating System available for purchase.  As more and more people gravitate to the SofTech Seating System, Aquila has made the decision to end production of the APK2.  The SofTech Seating System functions in the same manner as the APK2 system and can be made in any shape and for any client weight.  Without air hoses and an external control box, the SofTech’s completely self-contained design is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.  When purchasing a SofTech, you will have a choice of a Sensor Auto-Start SofTech or a Manual-Start SofTech with a rocker on/off switch.

To learn about Medicare coverage and reimbursement, click here

Please note that Aquila does not bill insurance.