Man using an Aquila wheelchair cushion system to help prevent pressure sores from forming.

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Watch videos and tutorials about the Airpulse PK2 cushion system, SofTech cushion system, and general cushion questions

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Aquila Corporation Home of the Automatic, Alternating SofTech Seating System

An overview of the primary cause of pressure ulcers and how our automatic cushions are designed to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

Pressure Mapping Comparison of Aquila's SofTech Alternating cushion vs Roho static air cushion

A side by side comparison of interface pressures of the Aquila SofTech cushion at left compared to a static air flotation cushion at right. The pressure mapping system captures even the slightest change in pressure applied to the skin and tissue. Notice the alternating changes in pressure distribution with the SofTech cushion (left) and the constant pressures being applied with the static cushion (right).

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Aquila's Moisture Control Unit in Action

Demonstration of the optional moisture control unit, (MCU). This accessory is an imbedded fan that sends air to the surface of the cushion to help keep the skin cool and dry. The MCU is available for both the APK2 and the SofTech cushions. The MCU fan comes on automatically each time the pump comes on to inflate the cushion, which can be as often as every minute. A stopwatch is shown so you can see the actual time taken to inflate this test bag.

Aquila Corporation - Locating Pressure Sore Areas

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Overview of the APK2 Cushion System

APK2 Controller Settings and Adjustments

Aquila Corporation APK2 Deluxe Remote Control

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Introducing the New SofTech Seating System from Aquila Corporation.