Aquila’s Alternating Wheelchair Cushion Therapy: Understand the Science

A Wheelchair Cushion designed to prevent and heal pressure injuries

Heal and prevent pressure sores with the Aquila Airpulse PK2 wheelchair cushion.

Why Alternating Wheelchair Cushion Therapy Technology Makes Sense

Consider the medical protocol after a flap surgery.  Medical professionals recommend and sometimes require an alternating mattress be used by the patient to prevent relapse.  An alternating mattress interrupts the constant pressure to the body and stimulates circulation which is what is needed to avoid pressure sores.  Doesn’t it make sense to continue medically prescribed therapy and use alternating wheelchair cushion therapy while using your wheelchair?

If you use a motionless static wheelchair cushion at home, with every passing minute your body weight is pressing down on your pelvic bones compressing the tissue beneath.  The exact cause of pressure soresThis is true for any static cushion be it foam, air or gel.   The circulation is cut off and cells begin to die and the result is pressure sores.  That’s why with static wheelchair cushions medical professionals recommend pressure lifts or heavy leaning side to side every 20 minutes in an effort to relieve pressure and avoid pressure sores.   That work is not necessary with our automatic alternating wheelchair cushion therapy wheelchair cushions.

Aquila alternating wheelchair cushions are much smarter and an infinitely easier method to ensure alternating pressure relief 60 times per hour.  Our alternating wheelchair cushions work all day long on your behalf replacing wheelchair push-ups and leaning.

The alternating wheelchair cushion on the left side of the video is an Aquila SofTech Wheelchair Cushion

The Airpulse PK2 and SofTech wheelchair cushions are designed to automatically alternate pressure every 60 seconds.  Our patented design utilizes alternating therapy to eliminate the number one cause of pressure sores – constant pressure.

See How It Works

Pressure mapping video of the SofTech wheelchair cushion in action versus a static Roho wheelchair cushion

The wheelchair cushion on the right side is a standard ROHO cushion. 

This cushion does not, cannot, and will not ever alternate pressure by itself.  Static wheelchair cushions, like those on the right, requires each user to distribute their own pressure by performing weight shifts, pressure lifts, tilts etc.

The video to the left is a dramatization of one possible internal layout of an Aquila wheelchair cushion.  The 2 sets of air bladders alternate in a checkerboard fashion while, in this instance, the center of the wheelchair cushion is offloaded.  While each Aquila alternating wheelchair cushion has 2 sets of internal air bladders, each cushion has its own unique bladder layout.  Based on the information provided on your order form, our technicians will design a unique wheelchair cushion just for you.  This cushion will have its own unique number, size and shapes of air bladders as well as a custom offload.