Linda Murphy

To the great people at Aquila,

I would like to tell you what a great product you make.  Two years ago we purchased an Airpulse PK wheelchair cushion and have used it nearly every day since we received it.  Garry had three stage 4 pressure ulcers.  He had bone exposed and got osteomylitis which we fought for quite some time. 

Garry has been able to enjoy the freedom to travel and live life again and we owe it all to your cushion.  We have had other cushions but none compare to a cushion that rotates the pressure automatically. He is able to spend 12 to 14 hours a day in his chair and still continues to heal. 

What a great experience it has been to do business with a company that handles customer service so professionally.  At our age we are technologically challenged but your cushion was even operable by us old folks. I am very grateful for your wheelchair cushion and am glad you are so kind and committed to your product and service.

Thank you so very much and we pray God blesses you all.
L. Murphy, Harrisville

P.S. We tell everyone yours is the best cushion on the market, hands down.