H. Rhodes

In January 2002, a 40 ton tractor trailer going 35 MPH crashed into the rear of my car while I was stopped.  As a result, I suffered a T-12 burst fracture of my spinal cord.  Due to the burst fracture I am now a paraplegic requiring the full time use of a power wheelchair.  In the beginning, I used a ROHO cushion. Nevertheless, I developed a number of serious pressure sores.

My husband noticed an ad in PVA magazine for a new type of seat cushion similar to the air mattress I slept on.  I purchased my first cushion from Aquila Corporation in October 2004. The pressure sores have healed more quickly and the incidence of new pressure sores is dramatically reduced.  We recently purchased a new APK2 wheelchair cushion.  This new cushion has practically diminished any new pressure sores.

Additionally, the Aquila team is amazing.  Everyone has been especially considerate of my particular needs and works quickly to help me in any way they can.  As always, many thanks!

-H. Rhodes