G. Groover E-5 US Army

I would like to comment on your APk2 wheelchair cushion.  In approximately 2005, after being ‘wheelchair bound’ for over 20 years, I developed a pressure sore over my coccyx bone.  This sore slowly became larger until it became a stage 4 (bone visible) pressure sore.

At this time I had a ‘flap surgery’ and was ‘bed bound’ for several weeks until I found the Aquila Corporation their APK2 cushion.  Once I found the cushion I had and alternating pressure system (same as my hospital bed) and was back in my chair and the sore continued healing—except now I had freedom!

So I sincerely recommend this cushion to anyone that has a pressure sore so they can continue the healing process and not be bed bound!  This cushion is available to all service connected veterans and others.

-G. Groover, E-5 US Army