James Yates

I received my Aquila APK2 cushion about 2 months ago and I’m very pleased with the results.  I have two Stage IV pressure sores on my ‘posterior’ [for over 2 years] and there is already improvement since receiving this cushion [my plastic surgeon’s measurements].  No doubt this is the result of the excellent pressure relief/distribution gained from the APK2.  A few days ago, I had FSA Pressure Mapping completed and the results even surprised the physical therapist.  There were no “hot zones” whatsoever and the APK2 cushion was superior to my previous cushion (ROHO Quattro) even before it was powered up.  Once the controller was turned on, the map showed very good distribution with much better than ‘acceptable’ readings [based on my therapist’s benchmarks] on both cycles.  I am confident that with this cushion I will soon be pressure sore free! Thank you Aquila.

-James Yates