Active lifestyle resumes after stage 3 pressure injury is healed


In 2001, I sustained a C5 SCI.  I spend majority of my day in my power chair, working full-time as an elementary school teacher, adjunct professor and children’s book author.  As you can see, my lifestyle doesn’t afford me to slow down.   In 2011, I ended up with a stage three pressure sore, which took me months in bed to heal. I was sitting on a ROHO cushion prior to purchasing my Airpulse PK2 Custom Seating System. This cushion, (ROHO), was not giving me the relief I needed to keep the redness off my skin, therefore I had to spend many evenings and weekends on my side, in bed.

Well, I cannot say enough thank you’s to the Aquila team for creating a cushion that would not only keep my skin healthy, but has given me peace of mind, knowing I’m staying proactive with my skin care.  My life is back to its regular fast pace schedule and I have not have any skin issues since.  In addition to the products, the staff is an absolute pleasure to work with and takes a sincere interest in my needs. 

Michelle White, PhD