Medical Staff Stunned by Results, Life Changing Improvement for Client

Justine, we are passionate about Aquila Cushions. If anything we have said would be helpful for others, you certainly have our permission to share it. This is our story:

“We had always used the recommended cushions for my Spina Bifida daughter, but skin breakdowns and pressure sores remained an issue. Several years ago, she developed a sore that was being treated by a wound care center. She spent a year in bed with a drain pump running 24-7 and was seeing the specialist regularly …all to no avail. I checked her into a hospital where I learned the infection from the wound, although small in circumference, had spread to her blood and into her hip bone. The next six months were spent in the hospital with aggressive surgeries, procedures and hyperbaric treatments under the care of scores of specialists. Her life was on the line. An extensive internet search for a better sitting system lead me to Aquila. The concept behind this cushion made so much sense, that I began the process and bought one that was made specifically for her.  The wound doctor, not being familiar with the brand, suggested she stay with the cushion she had been using, (a roho cushion).  He actually challenged me saying he would prove, by pressure mapping, that the former cushion (roho) was better. He and his staff stood in total disbelief when the mapping showed the Aquila was absolutely perfect. Far superior to the (roho) other popular brand. Our lives totally changed the day she transferred onto her Aquila. We celebrate the cushion as one of our miracles in this life. She is now 45 years old and lives worry-free of pressure sores.” 

-N. Sarver