Aquila APK2 Cushion Improves Ulcer – Flap Surgery is Cancelled

I don’t usually write fan mail but I would be remiss if I didn’t complement you on this product.  For the last 11 weeks my life has been destroyed as a result of having to get out of my wheelchair with its special air cushion and into bed to relieve pressure from continuous sitting after three hours.  On the second day of usage of your product I stayed in my chair 7 hours, then 10 the next.  There is no sign of the wound seeping as it would in the past, the skin is starting to show signs of recovery, and there is a general lightening of the discolored flesh.  This has allowed me to cancel any thoughts of surgery, the recommended treatment with all its negatives. Justine, you have given me back my life.

-S. Carner