Lee Chamberlain – Maplewood, NJ

This is the only cushion that has eliminated the pain in my left ischial. From constant pain to zero pain – instantly! I got the Aquila cushion about three years ago. I had a developing bed sore on my left ischial, and for years I tried all the cushions on the market suggested by doctors and therapists – foam, gel, static air and all kinds of combinations of them. Nothing helped, and my doctors and therapists did not know of any other options. So I searched the Internet and found the Aquila customized alternating pressure cushion. It totally relieved my pain, and I sit on it at least 12 hours every day; usually more like 15 hours. And the Aquila staff is wonderful – caring and super responsive. I am writing this to make more people aware of this great cushion – it is the only one that has worked!

-Lee Chamberlain, Maplewood, NJ