Rocky Romero – Dalhart, Texas

My name is Rocky Romero and I’ve been a quadriplegic for nearly 25 years. I wish your product had been available when I first became a quad in 1983. Over the years and after numerous surgeries to fix my pressure sores in my life, I have exhausted all my muscle flaps on my right hip. Around 2002, I purchased a cushion from Aquila Corp *wisest investment I ever made medically* for my tilt and recline power-chair. In 2007, April tornadoes knocked out all electrical power in the entire Texas panhandle. I was lying on a fancy medical bed, Clinitron home bed made by HILL-ROM, used for wound therapy. Without electricity the bed was useless and damaging to my health and healing!!! Fortunately, I use a patient lift that requires no electricity and charged both my chair and cushion the night before the storms hit. I had no electricity from 8 p.m. till 5 p.m. the next day. Faithfully and dependable, my Aquila Corp cushion performed with valor like a hero preventing n’ protecting my butt from more decubitis ulcers and skin breakdowns that horrifying night n’ day!!! I’m a very proud owner of your cushion! Take care n’ God Bless always.

-Rocky Romero, Dalhart, Texas