J. Alger, RN – Wound Solutions

As a Registered Nurse with 10 plus years experience in Durable Medical Equipment for Wound Patients, I am more than pleased to be able to offer comments regarding the Airpulse PK. Many years ago I represented the Pegasus Altern8 and at the time, I believed it was the best on the market. Since I have become acquainted with Aquila’s Airpulse PK, I now feel confident that this offers all and more than the Altern8 for those people who are confined to wheelchairs. The PK offers a lightweight, portable, and easy to charge system that both relieves pressure and helps to stimulate blood flow secondary to the alternation of the cells. I have had the opportunity over the past year to help place this system with 12-15 patients. All but one has had positive results. If it is something that you are considering to help increase living your life in an upright position without the risk of developing pressure ulcers, this is the system you should evaluate. Aquila offers a non-refundable, low cost, 2 week evaluation.

I have become well acquainted with the manufacturers in Wisconsin. They will go above and beyond to support their product. The story of how this product came to be is quite inspiring. It lends to the passion behind the people who work at Aquila.

I had the opportunity to do an in-service for the local Wound Care Center in my hometown of Spokane, WA. I presented to the whole Wound Care staff to include 6 doctors. When the in-service had concluded the Medical Director of the Center stated ‘That is a very compelling product.’ They have been instrumental in referring me to many people who have been able to benefit from this state of the art piece of equipment.

-J. Alger, RN, Wound Solutions