Remarkable Improvement of a Sore in Just 2 1/2 Weeks

To whom it may concern;

My husband has been using the APK2 cushion and it is wonderful. It causes him no pain to sit in his wheelchair and the wound is rapidly closing. In just 2 ½ weeks the sore, which the doctor told us would never heal, has improved and decreased in size from 7 cm to 3 cm.

I wish we would have found this cushion years earlier. Ron is clear he would never want another cushion type. After close to 30 years in the chair this is going to provide him a much better quality of life.

Ron and I are grateful to your company and as the weather gets better I will send you a picture of Ron and your cushion. He is currently working on the restoration of a rare antique biplane and being able yo move and maneuver without pain while still healing is so wonderful. I would love you to see the gift you give to others by providing such a wonderful product. No one should ever give up their life and be bed bound when they have the opportunity to pursue their passion with one of your cushions. I am also passing along your information to another fellow veteran and wheelchair using aircraft mechanic who is having difficulty with pressure sores.

-D.M. Cooper