MS patient finds pressure relief after flap surgery


Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I know nobody wants things to break, but I’m realistic enough to know that sometimes they do. Your company has always provided the very best product support. I first got my Aquila cushion about six years ago I think and it has literally saved my butt ūüôā ¬†I had flap surgery following a stage IV PU. I looked for a cushion to prevent that ever happening again¬†and found Aquila. I sing your praises to whomever will listen.
Thanks again, Michael 


A bit more about me.

I was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis about 20 years ago. I am now quadriplegic with no use of my legs nor arms, so I am unable to move in my power wheelchair and therefore am at high risk for developing pressure sores. But¬†being quadriplegic doesn’t stop me from leading an active and full life. I average about 75 miles/month in my wheelchair and use public transportation to go around the northeast of the United States. I live in New Jersey but often go to New York City. I’ve taken the footpath over the George Washington Bridge twice and several times over the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve traveled all the way along the path of the Hudson River on both sides from Battery Park to Fort Tryon Park. Three times now people have stopped me on the Princeton University campus convinced that I am Stephen Hawking! After having had surgery for a stage IV pressure ulcer 7 years ago, I am determined never to have to go through that again. My Aquila cushion allows me to have a fulfilling life for which I want to thank everybody at Aquila Corporation