M. Overly

Being a quadriplegic since 1967 from a horrendous auto accident, I have used many different cushions on my wheelchair over the years. After being diagnosed with a stage V wound, I began searching the Internet for a cushion that might be better than anything I’ve ever had.

I stumbled upon Aquila’s Airpulse PK cushion and after reading the information on their website, and seeing how the cushion worked, I knew it was just what I needed.

My doctor told me that my wound would never heal and that I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. After reading the testimonial on your website of being able to sit on your Airpulse PK cushion for 12 hours and see continued healing as well, I was ready to put it to the test.

Shortly after ordering my Airpulse PK cushion, my school administrator asked me if I could go from part-time teaching to full-time. As a part-time teacher I was able to come home and go to bed to get relief from my wound. I told him that if my new cushion worked as well as it was advertised, I would be able to take the full-time position.

My new Airpulse PK cushion arrived one week before school started. That was our teacher workweek, and I felt it would be a good test to see if I could, indeed, stay in my wheelchair for the full day without intense pain and added injury to my wound.

To my delight, the week went well, and my pain level was barely significant. I went into that school year with high hopes of having a great experience, both in my teaching, and with my new Airpulse PK cushion. I had the privilege of not only teaching, but coaching the girls’ volleyball team as well. Sometimes that meant sitting in my wheelchair all day and into late evening for away games for 12-14 hours.

It did take some time, but over the course of that year, my wound completely closed up and healed. I was thrilled that my doctor was wrong! I would recommend the Airpulse PK cushion to anyone with a disability that has kept them in a wheelchair. Not only can this cushion aid in the healing of a current wound, but it can prevent wounds from starting in the first place.

We are currently in the process of ordering a new wheelchair, and my therapist, and healthcare provider told me I will also get a new Airpulse PK cushion with it.

Thank you, Aquila, for coming up with a product that really works and makes it possible for people like me to live a life that’s loaded with purpose and fulfillment.

-Marilyn Overly