Stage 4 Pressure Sore Healed in 3 Month


I have been a paraplegic for 56 years due to an automobile accident on October 28,1958. The only handicap accessible college in the Southeast was the University of Tampa, where I transferred from East Tennessee State.

I taught for ten years, was Principal for 25, and Superintendent of Schools for 4 years. I retired and worked as a Field Representative for Congressman Lincoln Davis for 8 years I am now City Recorder for Oakdale, TN and a Morgan County Commissioner.

I put up with pressure sores off and on for all these years. In 2006 I developed a pressure sore on my left buttock that became a stage 4, even after 140 hyperbaric treatments. 

I first read about the Air Pulse PK Cushion in Paraplegia News. I bought the cushion and in 3 months my ulcer was healed. I was able to continue my daily schedule without being confined to bed. 

I now have a new sore on my right buttock and have bought a new Air Pulse PK Cushion. My wife and the Oak Ridge Methodist Medical Wound Care Center can see the healing taking place.

I am very active and it would not be possible were it not for the “magic cushion.” I have taught the wound care center about the cushion.

Words alone cannot express my appreciation.

-P. Scarbrough, Tennessee