Loves The SofTech Basic

Sent: July 13, 2018

I discovered Aquila over 15 years ago after doing a web search for pressure relief wheelchair cushions.  When I got my first cushion my life became easier.  No more wheelchair push ups or leaning side to side.  What a relief that was.  I have had 3 cushions over the years and they continue to get better.  

My newest Aquila cushion is the SofTech Basic and I love it!  No more worries if you forget to turn the cushion off when you get out of your chair.  Its great. 

Keep up the awesome work.

S. Fredrick


Aquila is the manufacturer of the only custom-fabricated alternating wheelchair cushion on the market.  Both our APK2 and SofTech wheelchair cushions work on the same principle of alternating pressure relief to all areas of the posterior much like the alternating mattresses on the market.  The difference is that Aquila cushions are handmade per the individual needs of each client.  Aquila cushions are also made to offload under existing pressure injuries while stimulating circulation throughout the posterior and assist the healing of pressure injuries. 

The benefits of the Aquila cushions go far beyond those of any static cushion.  The alternating action of the Aquila wheelchair cushion simulates pressure lifts which are required with any static cushion.  Aquila cushions have constantly evolved and improved and now feature a wireless Bluetooth remote control.  Aquila cushions have more clinical evidence than any wheelchair cushion on the market and have clinical proof of improving pressure sores of all stages.  The best and smartest choice in wheelchair seating is the Aquila.

Please note: the SofTech Basic was a standard version of the SofTech pressure relief wheelchair cushion and did not offer customization options.  The SofTech Basic is no longer available for purchase.  Our current pressure relief wheelchair cushions for sale are the original SofTech with Bluetooth remote and the Airpulse PK2.