Life Changing Wheelchair Cushion

If I can think of one phrase to use with this cushion it would be life changing, because that’s what it’s been for me.

I was paralyzed July 9, 2007.  It is a day I will never remember but I will celebrate every year. I have had a chronic pressure sore on my left ischial.  In the last 12 years, I have had three flap surgeries due to pressure ulcers.  Countless years living my life from my bed.  I made videos from bed. I basically did my life from my bed.

I received this cushion along with my new wheelchair in February 2023.  As of writing this in June of 2023, I have been up.  The pressure sore I have had for almost 12 years now is going away, and I would like to contribute it to the cushion.  Now I’m up five days a week and it is almost completely healed.  

The reason for the phrase – life changing – is because it has given me back my life back. Because of this cushion, I now have no worries whatsoever about my pressure sore getting worse.  It is consistently getting better, and it is 100% because of the Aquila wheelchair cushion.  That’s the only thing that has changed, and I am so happy I can live again.

Thank you so much Aquila you are the best.

John L.

June 13, 2023


Aquila Corporation is the manufacturer of the only custom fabricated alternating wheelchair cushion on the market.  The SofTech wheelchair cushion works on the principle of alternating pressure relief, similar to that of the alternating air mattresses on the market.  The key difference is that Aquila wheelchair cushions are handmade per the individual needs of each client and are custom fabricated to offload under existing pressure injuries while stimulating circulation throughout the posterior.  The combination of automatic alternation and custom fabrication assists our clients in the healing of pressure injuries.

The benefits of the SofTech go far beyond those of any static cushion.  The alternating action of the Aquila wheelchair cushion simulates pressure lifts, which are required with any static cushion.  Unlike the static cushions that can be purchased off the shelf, Aquila wheelchair cushions have constantly evolved and improved.  Aquila wheelchair cushions have more clinical evidence than any wheelchair on the market and have clinical proof of improving pressure sores of all stages.  Choose Aquila and choose the best and smartest choice in wheelchair seating.