Joey Anderson – Conroe, Texas

It’s not every day something comes along in the medical field that works as it claims to, but this cushion system delivers. I’ve been suffering from chronic pressure sores for over three years now, and until I started to use the Airpulse PK cushion system, there had been no measurable improvement in my wounds.  My wounds would get a little better and then get worse again.  I’ve been using the Airpulse PK system for a year now and finally am about completely healed from the chronic pressure sores thanks to this wheelchair cushion.

To prove this claim, my Airpulse PK system needed to be sent to Aquila for repair and I had to use my old cushion, a popular static air cushion.  In two weeks my wounds began to appear again.  I couldn’t wait to get my Airpulse PK back so I could start getting healed again.  I am an active person spending 12 hours a day sitting and this is only possible because of this cushion system.  I was lucky enough to get my cushion funded, but if you have to buy it out of your own pocket, believe me, it is worth every penny in healing wounds that won’t heal and giving you back your independence. Thanks Aquila for a great product!

-Joey Anderson, Conroe, Texas