Another Customized Solution to Treat a Pressure Sore

I just purchased an APK2 cushion and I couldn’t be happier with the cushion and with the service I was given. I have a pressure sore on my sacrum and I was interested to see if I could find a cushion that would allow me to stay in my wheelchair more than 2 hours. Up ’til now I had a Roho cushion which went flat sometimes and was over-inflated other times, neither of which was good for pressure sores, and in fact, CAUSED the pressure sore that I have now. After doing research on the internet, I found the Aquila cushion. When I called them, they worked with me to figure out that they could customize a cushion with a back piece that also had alternating air bladders to help with circulation around my sacral pressure sore. After a little experimentation, they came up with a perfect cushion addition for the back and it works great! I highly recommend this cushion and this company. The people couldn’t be more helpful or patient and I know they’ll be there for me if I have any problems.

-Jennifer I.