Hillview Care Center Review on SofTech Basic Cushion


The new Aquila SofTech Basic cushion has worked very well. It is very easy to set up and easy to take care of. It seems very comfortable and effective for the resident.
Megan M
Hillview Care Center staff member

I learned about the Aquila cushion from an article in the local paper. I visited their location and was shown the cushions and how they worked. I purchased at the recommendations of my family.
I had a pressure sore at that time. Pressure sores are nasty with a danger of infection. The sore did heal and the nurse verified the Aquila cushion healed it. Thanks to the owner for making a cushion for his dad, we have these soft comfortable cushions. With a heart full of gratitude I can say thank you Aquila Corporation. I just love my new cushion. Thanks again Aquila you are a great company.
Pat. L
Hillview resident