This is Denis, Darin’s dad and I just wanted to share with you the story of Darin and his seat cushion. Darin is a 44-year-old spina bifida patient who recently retired from his 20+ year career at Naval civil service. Over the past 10 to 12 years he is been plagued  with pressure sores which got to the point where he had to retire because he could not sit in his chair for an extended period of time. The most recent pressure sores were so severe that he wound up in the hospital for over two months during the last Christmas Period  and received a very large flap on his lower back upper buttocks. He currently sits in his chair for approximately 12 hours a day and most recently was on a roho cushion which required him to do push-ups pressure relief every 15 minutes. During the period of time he was in the hospital I researched the possibility of getting a cushion that cycles and was lucky enough to find the APK2. Darin has been on this cushion for approximately one year now and it is worked out very, very well. He also sleeps on a clinitron bed which acts very similar as you know to the APK2. We have had very few maintenance problems which were corrected in a very timely manner allowing Darin to have virtually no downtime. I am very surprised that most of the wheelchair providers in this area have very little knowledge of the APK2. Thanks again for your excellent service.