Bruce Walz – Arizona

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for making such a quality product that has completely changed the way I’ve been able to live my life. After being on the two “top name” brands of cushions without any success and developing a pressure sore, I needed extensive reconstructive surgery to my buttocks. After the surgery my insurance purchased me another ‘air bubble cushion’ that was supposed to be the greatest thing with different “bubble cells” but it just didn’t help and I was limited to just a few hours sitting up before needing to lay back down in bed to get pressure relief. That was when I discovered the Airpulse PK cushion made by AQUILA Corporation. The Airpulse PK has totally and completely changed my life from the length of time I can stay sitting to the color my skin after getting back in bed.

You can’t put a price on your health by having skin breakdown and an investment in AQUILA cushion is a very small price to pay compared to skin breakdown and can save you more than you can ever imagine. The Airpulse PK, to me it’s worth its weight in GOLD to me!

-Bruce Walz, Arizona