Bruce McGhie – East Haddam, CT

I am a C-7 quadriplegic. About seven months ago, I bought an Aquila Airpulse PK wheelchair cushion to deal with seating problems. Its effect has been nothing short of amazing. In recent years, I have had chronic problems with Stage II ulcers, many small lesions (cracks), and a severe rash. Affected areas included the perineum, coccyx, buttocks (ITs) and groin. Causes have been pressure and the moisture from perspiration. I supplied Aquila with a pressure map and filled out their forms in detail to provide the profile they requested, and I had the custom cushion in several weeks. Their cushion shortly began to improve my situation, but I also added their supplemental air circulation fan (MCU or Moisture Control Unit).

That add-on had a significant further effect. The improvement has been dramatic. I have been completely free of all the problems noted above for almost two months, and the skin is virtually normal.

They keep each customer’s detailed records and individual specifications and stand ready to modify the cushion as needed with changing conditions. The service is excellent. I believe the Airpulse PK cushion is innovative and has set a new standard of effectiveness.

-Bruce McGhie, East Haddam, CT