Barry Parks – Pell City, Alabama

I want to thank you again for giving me my life back. I am only alive when I am able to function, and I can only function sitting. Thank you for your inventiveness, filling an obvious need. Even I thought of and wished for a cushion that would alternate air cells and even discussed it with other SCI’s, but you had the perseverance to pursue this to a sophisticated and reliable product that works. Your accessibility and willingness to listen to my individual problem and work toward a piece of equipment just tailored to my problem was refreshing and much appreciated. I spent 8 months in bed healing an ulcer on my right ischial. 

A hospital visit along with a severe weight loss reopened it plus added additional sores on my left ischial and on my sacrum. Sitting on your cushion, the right ischial healed in less than a week. After adjusting the cushion we began to see a constant improvement in the others. I continue to sit eight hours at least every other day and continue to heal. Thank you so very much.

-Barry Parks – Pell City, Alabama