Amazing Cushion


My name is M.A, and I live in Miami Florida. On October 18th., 1999 when I was 56 years old, I suffered an accident while exercising at home, which left me quadriplegic, and in a wheelchair.


In recent years I have developed two pressure sores in my buttocks that have turned into ulcers. Although for a long time I was going weekly to treat them at a nearby wound center, I did not start to see significant improvement of the pressure sores until I started sitting on the Aquila Cushion. 


I have had the cushion for 3 years now.  I am not one to stay in bed during the day, so in spite of sitting in my chair all day long, putting pressure on the affected area for 12 or 13 hours daily, the wounds have continued to get better, and I know the only reason for that happening is the treatment I receive from my Aquila cushion.  I’m also sure of the fact that if I would have had the Aquila from the very start, I would not even have gotten the pressure sores. The Aquila is truly amazing!