Lakeview Health Center Airpulse PK Case Study

Medical History and Comorbidities:

Mr. E is a 68 year old gentleman, who had been independently ambulatory prior to a hip fracture in August, 2006. He subsequently became wheelchair bound. During two hospitalizations, he developed a left ischial pressure ulcer. While seated in a wheelchair, he leaned to the left, despite positioning aids.

Mr. E diagnoses included paranoid schizophrenia, PVD, and COPC. He has a chronically low hemoglobin and hematocrit, as well as low serum albumin. Due to these issues and his noncompliance with off loading pressure, the ulcer progressed from a Stage 2, 5.0 cm x 5.1 cm ulcer, to Stage 4, with a depth of 8.2 cm.

In March, Mr. E had a suffered from a UTI. He had an allergic reaction to his antibiotic that caused a rash with edema from head to toe. The ulcer by then had decreased to 7.5 cm in depth, but with this set back, it deepened again to 7.9 cm.


A DeCube mattress was installed for pressure relief while in bed. While in a standard wheelchair, a gel cushion was used, and then upgraded to a ROHO. In light of his unwillingness to give up his freedom of movement and offload pressure in bed throughout the day, the wound was slow to heal.

Current Equipment:

Mr. E began use of the Airpulse PK cushion on February 12, 2007. During the trial of this product, Mr. E had systemic allergic reaction to an antibiotic. In the trial period, the ulcer had steadily decreased in size to its current 6.2 cm depth with a width less than 1 cm.

Mr. E has been able to continue with his independence throughout the day, participate in all the activities of his choice, and still offload pressure instrumental in the healing with the use of the Airpulse PK cushion. In a facility of over 150 residents, the staff was easily taught how to properly use and maintain the cushion. Overall, I highly recommend this product and appreciate the opportunity for the trial.

Nancy Gilligan Anderson, RN, WCC
Nurse Manager
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