Airpulse PK Case Study by Interim Healthcare

September 6, 2002 

This letter is in regards to the above-named client, Fred. Fred has been trialing the Aquila Airpulse PK Wheelchair Cushion for the past 30 days. This cushion has allowed Fred to be up in the wheelchair for extended periods of time with no compromise to his skin integrity whatsoever. He states it is also extremely comfortable. A few weeks ago, Fred was hospitalized and upon discharge had two Stage 2 pressure ulcers on his buttocks. Instead of having to lay in bed on his side until they healed, due to the fact that he had the Airpulse PK Cushion, Fred was able to be up in his wheelchair and within two days, the ulcers were healed with no further problems.

Needless to say, my client is extremely pleased with your cushion and due to the fact that he is highly functional, this cushion allows him to be up in his wheelchair for long periods of time and not restrict him to his bed for periods of time for pressure relief.


Carie L. Wolf, RN
Home Care Supervisor

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