Custom Wheelchair Cushions - Airpulse PK2

At Aquila, we specialize in designing and manufacturing wheelchair cushions that are customized to fit the unique needs of our clients. We offer wheelchair cushion systems and accessories to give the freedom of mobility back to every individual in a wheelchair.

The Airpulse PK2 is our most dynamic wheelchair cushion. Alternate cells inflate and deflate automatically to the desired pressure on an adjustable time cycle, to stimulate circulation and prevent painful pressure sores. We custom build this cushion with our client's current health, physical characteristics, and unique needs in mind.

Along with our custom cushions, we offer an array of different accessories, such as:

  • Wheelchair backpack
  • Variety of remote controls
  • Moisture control unit
  • And more...

All of our accessories aid in independent mobility, as well as enhance the client's quality of life.

Aquila Corporation - Airpulse PK2

- Unlimited Customization

- Full-Time Off-Loading

- 40 Hours Continuous Run Time

- Low Pressure & Battery Alerts